Antistatic (Non-Static) Bag

Non-Static Bag, also known as Antistatic Bag, is specially produced to avoid problems due to static electricity in the packaging materials in the production line.

Thanks to the prepared sensitive additives; Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) eliminates the electricity generated within the material and also prevents the formation of static electricity that may occur during the use of the packaging material.

Non-Static Bags are preferred by companies that make sensitive production as well as in the transportation of precious metals, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and electronic parts.

  • It is produced from low-density polyethylene.
  • It can be produced without printing, no printing is applied to this product.
  • Electrification in the production line can be resolved with a Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag).
  • Thanks to its Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) feature, it does not attract dust on the package.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) provides convenience to the user company.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) destroys the static electricity generated within the material.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) variety is high.
  • It is transparent, shiny, and flexible.
  • Its transparency provides an advantage in the sale of the product.
  • It is available in amorphous (transparent) and semi-crystalline (opaque and white) materials depending on its heat treatment.
  • It can be used to group and pack your products in certain numbers.
  • It is odorless, tasteless, and resistant to impacts.
  • It does not create a taste and odor effect in the packaged products.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag), no problems encountered in other packaging materials.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) is hygienic and complies with food contact material standards.
  • The shelf life of the products packaged in a Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) is long.
  • Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) is flexible, so it wraps it to take the shape of the product.
  • It has a wide range of uses mainly in industrial applications.
  • Optionally, 100% recyclability can be achieved by using an additive that dissolves in nature in 24 months.
  • We can produce Non-Static Bag (Antistatic Bag) in any desired color, size and thickness in accordance with the requests and demands of our customers.
Antistatikli (Non-Statik) Torba
Antistatikli (Non-Statik) Torba
Antistatikli (Non-Statik) Torba